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Episode 330 Scott Adams: The Two Mueller Movies, With Delicious Coffee

Episode 330 Scott Adams: The Two Mueller Movies, With Delicious Coffee


  • CNN legal experts continue finding things that aren’t a crime…
    • …but they’re almost a crime, if things were different
  • John Dean says congress has to impeach President Trump now
  • Hypnosis to cure addiction, about a third succeed
    • Hypnosis only works when the patient wants the outcome
    • The variable that predicts success is desire to kick
    • You have to HATE your addiction in order for hypnosis to help
  • Would the founders have written the constitution differently…
    • …if they were aware of the internet and current technology?
  • Thought experiment: 2 sets of healthcare laws or gun ownership
    • Opt in for one set of laws, or be subject to the other set
    • Establish method for transition from one set to another
  • Will Trump legalize weed federally before the election?
  • Why I don’t drink alcohol or think it’s good, even in moderation
  • Pleasure Unit Theory: Humans need a certain amount of pleasure…
    • …in order to not kill themselves
    • Lack of pleasure causes people to seek it where they can
  • Will the countries who restrict/control immigration best…
    • …be the ones who thrive in the future?
    • Limited unskilled jobs VS. unlimited incoming people
  • President Trump’s Paris Accord tweet
  • President Trump’s “The Dick” tweet

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