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Episode 341 Scott Adams: CNN is Creating News out of Nothing

Episode 341 Scott Adams: CNN is Creating News out of Nothing


  • Election meme from Russia sought to increase Trump votes…
    • …by helping Trump voters masturbate less (yes, true)
  • CNN article says Russian election influence confirmed because…
    • …less black people voted than when Obama ran
  • Robert De Niro’s thoughts on President Trump…who cares?
  • CNN uses quantity in lieu of quality
    • Laundry lists of weak reasons don’t equal a good reason
  • Patreon dropped Sargon of Akkad for something he said
    • Big names are dropping Patreon in protest
  • Russian government is opposed to rap music, they aren’t wrong
    • Rap music is harmful to the mental health of some people
    • Music programs kids, influences their behavior
    • Rap promotes drug culture, anti-establishment attitudes
  • General Flynn had no obvious reason to intentionally lie
    • The odds of no pardon is zero
    • Flynn appears to be a casualty of a witch hunt
  • Amy Siskind makes it clear, NO white males for Democrat party

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