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Episode 342 Scott Adams: Flynn, The Wence, Trump Charity, Sargon and Patreon, Climate

Episode 342 Scott Adams: Flynn, The Wence, Trump Charity, Sargon and Patreon, Climate


  • Climate change debate that wasn’t a debate
    • Michael Mann vs. climate change skeptic Judith Curry 
    • Both sides IGNORE the best arguments of the other
  • Bill Gates and Harvard test: Put particles in the air to cool earth
  • The sketchy trial of General Flynn and all its “buts”
    • The judge used incorrect facts to chastise Flynn
  • Was General Flynn forced to lie in court by our government?
  • Sargon of Akkad used the language of racism to mock racism
  • Anti-Trump glee over President Trump wall vs. fence talk
  • Israel’s “wall” is actually mostly a fence, did you know that?
  • 10.6 Billion for Mexico and South American aid…and no Wence?
  • What if President Trump resigns rather than being pecked endlessly?
    • The Dems are willing to take out an elected President
    • Dangerous precedent, Presidential nullification
  • Endless investigations for the purpose of Presidential nullification
  • Anti-Trump media CREATED the problem they complain about
    • Press business model is assassinating the President slowly
  • The press regularly ruins and assassinates famous people for profit
  • Is Google putting me in danger of death?
    • Top results of image search, Photoshopped into Nazi uniform
    • What Google is doing is hate speech, isn’t it?
    • Please retweet #RacistGoogle to help me get image removed

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