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Episode 348-3 Scott Adams: Mattis, Trumps Successes

Episode 348-3 Scott Adams: Mattis, Trumps Successes


  • #RacistGoogle the two top articles on me are two old hit pieces
    • Both articles are top on Google, not on Duck Duck Go
    • Neither article is current or has any reason to be top hits
  • General Mattis gets lots of credit for his accomplishments
    • But he isn’t our only good General, he can be replaced
  • Prediction: By the end of President Trump’s  FIRST term…
    • …he will have ENDED 5 wars
    • 1. Syria
    • 2. Afganistan
    • 3. North Korea
    • 4. Yemen
    • 5. Wild card – a grand deal to pressure Iran, help Middle East
  • President Trump has done prison reform
    • The guy they said was “racist” has accomplished prison reform
  • Rumor that President Trump wants to fire the Fed Chief, Powell
    • Persuasion via rumor? 
  • Rand Paul’s current Twitter feed is provocative and funny
    • Rand is tweeting in the style of President Trump
  • Medical marijuana, some benefits and cautions
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