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Episode 349 Scott Adams: Merry Christmas, The Economy and End of Wars

Episode 349 Scott Adams: Merry Christmas, The Economy and End of Wars


  • Stock market is sinking…why?
    • Democrats taking control of the house?
    • Fed raising rate in middle of a trade war with China?
    • Fake news driving market fears?
  • Laundry list counter-strategy
    • What’s your number one reason, your strongest argument?
    • Debunk the “best” reason…then stop
  • Saudi Arabia commits to protect the Kurds
  • President Trump might end 5 wars in his first term
    • 1. Yemen
    • 2. North Korea
    • 3. Syria
    • 4. Afganistan
    • 5. Iran support for bad actors reined in
  • As long as employment numbers are good…everything is fine
    • Employment is the most predictive variable
  • When did LOL become an argument or reason?
  • Potential “kill shot” for Chuck Schumer…
    • Hey Chuck, stop making it personal
    • Deny Trump a win, regardless of border security needs?
  • PROPOSAL: Add a word to the forbidden word list
    • Let’s add “Nazi” to the list of socially banned words
    • “Nazi” is a deeply offensive thing to call white people
    • We should consider this a second socially banned “N-word”
  • 40% of world was in “extreme poverty” in Reagan’s day
    • Today, extreme poverty is only 9%
  • Why are we enemies with Russia?
    • Are we just used to being enemies with each other?
    • Why do the US and Russia perpetually poke each other?
    • Is it just business/economic competition?

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