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Episode 353 Scott Adams: Bone Spurs, Unstable World, Khashoggi, Other Fake News

Episode 353 Scott Adams: Bone Spurs, Unstable World, Khashoggi, Other Fake News


  • NYT has found dead “bone spurs” doctor, but no records
    • His daughters kinda remember something about it
    • The daughters are anti-Trumpers
  • Is the world more unstable as ex-head of the CIA stated?
    • “Extreme poverty” was 40% of the world in Reagan’s time
    • Currently, extreme poverty is at 9%
    • No major wars, the economy is good, 
  • If you didn’t watch TV, would you think race relations are worse?
  • MAGA hats and the troops
    • Military brought their MAGA hats to the event for signing
  • Mollie Hemingway’s Federalist article on Qatar and Khashoggi
    • Khashoggi was an influence peddler working for Iran
    • WAPO was therefore…colluding with Iran, a foreign enemy
  • Blocking people who are only trolling and add nothing to conversation
    • Different than blocking people who disagree with you
  • Predictions: 2019 stock market close will be higher than today
    • Around summertime, China trade wars mostly settled
    • Middle East will produce mind-boggling stories in 2019
      • Possibly in a very positive way
    • Mueller will have something for everyone, 2 movies continue
    • NO impeachment, but possibly the House will attempt it
  • The FenceWall is stalled until somebody says the word “Engineer”
    • Invoking engineers is the path to FenceWall progress
    • Fund the wall and allow the engineers to decide what works

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