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Episode 355 Scott Adams: China Trade, AOC, Government by Torture, Climate Change Challenge

Episode 355 Scott Adams: China Trade, AOC, Government by Torture, Climate Change Challenge


  • A shutdown is a way to torture random government employees
    • The winner is the side willing to torture them longer
  • CNN pundit angrily declaring “walls don’t work”
    • Rule of Life: Friction ALWAYS works
  • Who will say it first?
    • Politicians provide budgets, that’s their job
    • Engineers decide what’s needed
  • What will happen to stocks, once China trade deal is set?
  • Climate sides both talk in isolation, never debate each other
    • The two sides aren’t disagreeing with each other
    • They’re talking about different things
    • Tony Heller talks about unaddressed skepticism
      • Temp data has been rigged, fudged
      • Historical records disagree with climate data
      • Why isn’t anyone challenging him, is he correct?
  • 97% of climate scientists are all on the same side
    • That’s spin, 97% agree on specific components
  • Obama’s Ambassador to Syria…
    • President Trump is probably doing the right think
  • Turks are a threat to the Kurds, but…
    • Kurds are in diplomatic contact with Syrian government
    • Kurds are in diplomatic contact with the Russians
    • Israel will have more options in Syria once US is gone
      • Do they have different rules of engagement?
      • Maybe the US just needs to get out of their way?
  • North Korea hasn’t given up their nukes
    • So what? The US hasn’t given up anything major either
    • Negotiation process is for both to give up something major
    • Everything that matters is trending in a good direction
  • The 3 countries with the most to gain from getting along
    • United States, Russia, China
    • We are NOT natural enemies
    • Only psychology and history maintains our screwing each other

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