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Episode 359 Scott Adams: AOC, AGW, TDS, Ye, and Coffee

Episode 359 Scott Adams: AOC, AGW, TDS, Ye, and Coffee


  • Kanye tweets and his upcoming Joe Rogan podcast
  • Elizabeth Warren and Beto attempt to imitate AOC’s live stream
    • Warren cracks a beer, Beto in his V-neck sweater
  • Why so many climate change temperature adjustments?
    • Believers Berkley Earth offer their explanation
    • “Estimating” temperature adjustments is allowed?
  • Climate change Bloomberg article, convincingly debunked
  • Comparing Green Tech and Nuclear Power options
  • Bill Gates vision of a new type of nuclear power plant…in China
    • Can’t be built in US, endless regulations and roadblocks
  • A hosted conversation with me as the referee, NOT a debate
    • Both sides required to answer strong points of other side
  • Climate change risk management (Whiteboard 1 and 2)
    • Expected Value calculation
    • Portfolio Effect
    • Opportunity Costs and timing considerations
  • The Hill article reads like mental illness, not a political opinion
    • Doctors and Psychologists say TDS is a real thing
    • People with a mental illness are writing articles
  • How can TDS be stopped or cured?
    • All the common complaints about President Trump…
      • …individually, they’re all small complaints
  • Prediction: POTUS will swing for the fence in 2019
  • US debt, could it be resolved by cryptocurrency?
    • Why do people want US dollars?
    • Crypto accepted by US government would have value

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