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Episode 370 Scott Adams: Dear Diary, RPOS, Climate Change Persuasion

Episode 370 Scott Adams: Dear Diary, RPOS, Climate Change Persuasion


  • Jim Acosta became America’s piñata yesterday
    • He stood in front of the wall and said no problems here!
    • President tweets reply to Acosta, “Dear Diary”
  • CNN contacted San Diego station KUSI for anti-wall content
    • KUSI is pro-wall, CNN decided not to use their content?
  • Fentanyl deaths are being compared to Viet Nam war deaths
  • The border debate is bringing the country together
    • Average person knowledge of the issue increasing
  • Border arguments from both sides…without the politics
    • Drugs, crime, numbers of crimes versus rate percentage
    • VISA overstays
  • Why are there gaps in parts of the scientists climate change stance?
    •   The historical data used in the hockey stick graph
    • It shows an earlier point, before CO2, same hockey stick
  • ClimateGate emails are a conspiracy theory, completely debunked
  • Data discrepancies from the past, tree ring experts and proxies
    • From 1960 to present, tree rings don’t track temperatures
    • Tree ring data was good in the past…but not now?
  • Challenge responses about William Happer’s claims and validity
  • Scientists say you can’t look at just some regions, need whole world
    • NASA site “proof” of warming is the Arctic…one area?
    • Some places are warming…but not all? Some are cooling?
  • Can we accurately measure ocean temperatures, today and historically?
    • How much of the ocean are we measuring, maybe 1%?
  • Direct causes of heat, like my car, my fireplace, my heated home
    • Is direct heat causing or responsible for any global warming?
  • RPOS, the person formerly known as AOC…
    • …beginning to get pushback from fellow Democrats
    • A festering wound for hopes of a Democrat Presidency?

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