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Episode 393 Scott Adams: Democrats Once Again Winning the Game No One Was Playing

Episode 393 Scott Adams: Democrats Once Again Winning the Game No One Was Playing

  • Topics: 
  • The only valid comparison to President Trump, is President Hillary
    • Would her border solution have been as good or better?
    • What would her solution have looked like?
  • 80/20 Rule applies to our future border security solution
    • Improve the worst 20% and get 80% improvement
  • Dems are fighting the President, not a secure border
    • Everybody wants better border security
      • Lots of historical video shows Dems agree with the need
    • Dems just don’t want the credit to go to the President
  • President Trump’s border security strategy
    • He’s put ALL his political capital on the line for this
    • Result will be a substantial improvement
    • Even critics will agree solution is even better than his promise
  • Never underestimate Dems ability to shoot themselves in the foot
  • How do we improve healthcare, without it costing everyone a fortune?
    • Lowering healthcare cost is the key
    • Diff Rules, regulations, startups potential can lower costs
  • If Government makes a big push for better healthcare, lower costs
    • Objective: Universal Healthcare for all…without increased cost
    • If everybody’s healthcare was tracked, would help all
  • Giving up your privacy, isn’t necessarily a bad thing
    • Gays used to be in the closet, was that a good thing? NO
    • Staying quiet and privacy was a problem for acceptance
    • They “gave away” their privacy by coming out of the closet
    • Coming out…benefitted their community immensely

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