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Episode 400 Scott Adams: Northam, Russia, Spartacus

Episode 400 Scott Adams: Northam, Russia, Spartacus


  • How’s your week been Governor Northam?  2 rules apply.
    • 48 Hour Rule: Clarify and/or sincerely apologize
    • 20 Year Rule: Current behavior can redeem prior bad behavior
  • It’s a 35 year old story, was he racist…and now he isn’t?
    • Within the last 20 years, who is he, what are his actions?
  • Our laws agree, we have the right to become better people
    • Prisoners serve their time, are released and get second chance
  • Has Northam been a race baiter and promoted lies like Charlottesville?
    • If so…and it’s within the last 20 years, he’s gotta go
  • “Offensive” and “racist” aren’t necessarily the same thing
    • Unintentionally, a person can say or do offensive things
  • CNN chyron identifies Dem Governor Northam as a Republican
    • Did chyron creator do it intentionally?
    • Did the chyron person’s mental bias assume racist = “R”?
  • Has President Trump EVER had a better week?
    • Great job numbers report
    • Northam story is Christmas every day for President Trump
    • Abortion painted in the worst possible way
    • Chuck Schumer staffer got a “me too”
    • INF treaty pullout, being tough on Russian treaty cheating
    • CNN caught in chyron fake news
    • Dems looking racist as they defend Northam
    • Don Jr. phone calls proven innocent
    • Venezuela and socialism branded worst possible way
    • Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Vice all had layoffs
  • Cory Booker always looks surprised
    • Wide-eyed surprised expression is persuasion technique
    • Trying to persuade people of something you don’t believe

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