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Episode 412 Scott Adams: Border Funding, Weed, #40YearsofFailure, Apologies

Episode 412 Scott Adams: Border Funding, Weed, #40YearsofFailure, Apologies


  • Will Congress ignore border experts and disrespect the public?
  • Any diff between the experts and Congress without explanation… 
    • …is spitting in the face of the American public
  • “Finish the Wall” is clever framing
  • “USA” hats, seen at the rally last night, smart move by campaign
  • President Trump’s new hashtag for Iran, support for Iranian people
    • #40YearsofFailure
  • AOC…every Dem candidate for President, backs her Green Deal
    • AOC in effect, is already running the Democrat party
  • Virginia’s non-quitters planning to hang in there
    • Supporters overlooking their sins cause they were so long ago
    • The 20 year rule applies, if they’re better people today
  • A “festival of apologies” is developing, between Dems
  • David Duke endorses Democrat Congressperson Omar
  • People can like something…for completely different reasons
  • Kamala supports recreational weed…cause it brings people joy
    • Good political answer, smart voter persuasion by Kamala
    • Legalization is an obvious, easy path to free votes
  • BBC reports a Trump supporter beat up one of their reporters
    • Rule 1: First version of an emerging story is generally wrong
  • A point / counter-point listing for climate change arguments
    • Qualified people on both sides offer their arguments
    • Provide links and data to support arguments / rebuttals

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