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Episode 416 Scott Adams: Border Funding and Emergencies. Fun!

Episode 416 Scott Adams: Border Funding and Emergencies. Fun!

  • Topics: 
  • President Trump will sign the inadequately funded border bill, AND…
    • …he will declare a national emergency for balance needed
  • He started with a “big ask” which was shot down
    • Then he allowed congress to ignore the experts and fail
    • The public was primed to accept national emergency IF…
    • …congress was unable or unwilling to do their job
  • Can the next President declare a national emergency…
    • …for climate change?
  • Climate change solutions are hopeful, but don’t currently exist
    • Mark Schneider’s interesting question and proposal
    • Why can’t we build nuclear power plants right now?
    • 4th generation nuclear reactors are rated VERY safe 
  • McCabe says after Comey was fired, Article 25 was considered
    • Was there ANY proof or suspicion to support that?
    • Or was it simply a way to remove a duly elected President?
    • Wasn’t that treason?
  • The media should NOT be let off the hook
    • They created an environment that fed and promoted TDS
  • Amazon pulls out of the NYC headquarters project
    • Amazon says projects like that need local support

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