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Episode 425 Scott Adams: The TDS WMD Heading Our Way, Smollet and Rats

Episode 425 Scott Adams: The TDS WMD Heading Our Way, Smollet and Rats


  • The TDS weapon of mass destruction headed our way
    • Mueller report will NOT be made fully public
    • This will trigger a MASSIVE mental health emergency
  • CNN’s Erin Burnett says unrelated things prove Russian Collusion
  • Brennan says people can be unwilling puppets of Russia
  • President Trump’s technique
    • Respectful words for the leaders of other countries, adversary or not
    • He goes hard on POLICIES, while respecting the people
  • American businessman living in Russia, has the goods on Trump!
    • Desperate much?
  • Were you expecting CNN to offset the Jussie Smollet story?
    • Well…here it is, (accused) white supremacist Coast Guard guy
  • Suggestion: President Trump should request Governor pardon Jussie
    • He didn’t come down with TDS on his own
    • He believed he was acting as a patriot, saving the country
  • People don’t come up with their opinions
    • People are assigned their opinions by the media they follow
    • President Trump could REFRAME Jussie Smollet as a victim of
      • the media that gave him his opinions…fake news
  • Jussie is a victim of media brainwashing, persuasion
    • He GENUINELY believes the CNN, MSNBC propaganda
  • The corrosive feeling of schadenfreude
    • Jussie is a victim of CNN, and I felt happy that
      • he will pay for his crimes
  • Thought Experiment: What if all news was fact-based only
    • If reporting was fair, would Jussie have the opinions he does?

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