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Episode 433 Scott Adams: Cohen, North Korea, and Coffee

Episode 433 Scott Adams: Cohen, North Korea, and Coffee


  • Press claimed North Korea deal would be to distract from Cohen
    • The press, enemy of the people, made a deal impossible
    • Press influence is malign…or malignant
    • ANY deal would have been MSM-framed as a coverup failure
  • Chairman Kim is going home with improving relations
    • Time is on President Trump’s side
    • Walking away early…but politely, respectfully
  • Michael Cohen testimony, hours and hours of claims
    • Reporters don’t understand finance
  • Cohen was hired and worked 10 years for citizen Trump
    • There wasn’t ANY evidence President Trump was racist…
    • …till Charlottesville? Does that sound likely?
  • President has been painted as hands-off, doesn’t read key reports,
    • How can  lead us? NO clue what’s happening!
    • Therefore, Dems claimed…we MUST impeach!
  • NOW he’s being painted as 100% hands-on, knows everything
    • He is aware of every single meeting, involved, aware of ALL!
    • Therefore, Dems claim…we MUST impeach!
  • President Trump kept his options open, during the campaign…
    • …like any smart, experienced business person

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