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Episode 456 Scott Adams: Best Week Ever for President Trump, Maybe the Country?

Episode 456 Scott Adams: Best Week Ever for President Trump, Maybe the Country?

  • Topics: 
  • GREAT news week for President Trump, and America
  • Montana’s successful capitalism test for healthcare cost reduction 
  • Gavin Newsome likes President Trump’s opportunity zones 
  • CNN study, 34% of Latinos support President Trump
  • “Mr. Kellyanne Conway” gets mocked by Brad Parscale, President Trump
  • Beto is too busy running for President to help raise his own kids?
  • ADL, a left leaning org, finds right-wing extremism has DECREASED
  • Elizabeth Warren, supports reparations for black people
  • “Sonic weapon”, does it exist? Lots of people believe it exists
  • Nunes lawsuit against Twitter
  • Mass murder by gun: How many were by NRA members? NONE
  • Gun added to drone stories are beginning
  • 2020 Presidential Prediction: LANDSLIDE for President Trump
  • “Socialism is Risky” is a kill shot that guarantees re-election
  • We discuss what products do for us, like efficiency, functionality
    • Uber is brilliant, SEEING your drivers location, can text them
    • DoorDash has similar great feature tracking arrival of your food
    • WhenHub Approach has peer to peer version of this function
      • Meeting attendees, how soon will each arrive?
      • Dinner with friends or family, are they on their way?
      • No need to call or text while they’re driving,
      • Just check WhenHub Approach for location

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