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Episode 458 Scott Adams: New Climate Change Challenge, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and More

Episode 458 Scott Adams: New Climate Change Challenge, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and More


  • New Zealand is trying to keep an assholes name from being known
    • FOX respects the concept, CNN publishes his name
  • Mr. Kellyanne Conway vs. President Trump’s pushback tweets
  • President Trump’s genius: understanding what others don’t
  • CNN top headlines…there’s nothing new, recycled topics
  • Dem proposals with a common purpose, election rule changes
  • Everything the Dems are proposing…is to get them elected
  • Can an ancient white guy become a Democrat Presidential candidate?
  • Climate Change expert, American climatologist Patrick Michaels
    • Russian model shows lower temp increases, accurate so far
    • IF their model results CONTINUE to predict correctly…
      • …THEN, climate change isn’t a major problem
  • Geoff Price, @GeoffmPrice, annihilates skeptics of climate change
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