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Episode 463 Scott Adams: Sheepinions, Hallucinations, Fake News, Traitors, Conflaters

Episode 463 Scott Adams: Sheepinions, Hallucinations, Fake News, Traitors, Conflaters


  • “Slaughter Meter” is pinned at 100% if election was held today
  • Untrue but widely reported “fine people” HOAX and false memory
  • Golan Heights now being recognized as Israeli territory
    • Moving the embassy didn’t impact peace discussions
    • Golan Heights recognition, will it impact anything?
    • Time is on President Trump’s side and he knows it
  • NO new sanctions on North Korea, what’s the President’s play?
  • President Trump’s enemies maneuvered into arguing against…
    • Free speech
    • Capitalism
  • Default back up position of TDS victims shown “fine people” HOAX
    • Once it’s clear they were hoaxed, what do most say?
  • Biden signals the weakness of his bid for the nomination
  • Wikipedia editors (currently) agree, allowed “fine people” hoax info
  • Steve King, Republican, nice guy, but kind of an idiot
    • FAKE NEWS PUNCTUATION…changed what he meant
    • Anderson Cooper last night, still pushing that fake news
  • Steve King’s Iowa people comment also spun by fake news
    • It was city people compared to rural people, nothing racial
  • Whiteboard1: Conflate, Isolate, Advocate
  • Whiteboard2: Coincidence?

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