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Episode 478 Scott Adams Part 1: GND, Border, Democrat Chaos, Hallucinations, Puerto Rico

Episode 478 Scott Adams Part 1: GND, Border, Democrat Chaos, Hallucinations, Puerto Rico

Topics Part 1: 

  • Old Nads has had animosity toward President Trump for 20 years
  • Don Lemon gets it…his comment to Chris Cuomo
  • Presidential candidate Buttigieg is gay and it doesn’t matter, finally  
  • Border security is President Trump’s signature issue
  • Dems for 3 years said border security not a problem
  • 30-80% of females are assaulted…not a problem?
  • Democrats, like children, can’t understand long term implications
  • President’s signature issue, now clearly 100% correct
  • There’s definitely a crisis at the border
  • Horrible consequences of closing the border
  • Both sides AGREE
  • President Trump uses his unpredictability as an advantage
  • IF it becomes President Trump’s best option…will he close it?
  • Alyssa Milano being referred to as an “actress” to diminish her impact
  • She’s putting in the work and effort…she’s an activist
  • Calling her actress in her current role is unfair, diminutive
  • Tucker’s mention of GND as a “power grab”, and my rebuttal
  • Belief is that GND NOT about policy, it’s about a “power grab”
  • The function of ALL politics is to…grab power, shift power
  • Politics = Power Grab
  • Tony Heller is the most persuasive critic of climate change
  • Tony says the GOAL is socialism, per top UN climate person

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