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Episode 480 Scott Adams: Biden, Bad Media, Lies, Glaciers, Nuclear Power

Episode 480 Scott Adams: Biden, Bad Media, Lies, Glaciers, Nuclear Power

  • Topics: 
  • Tucker Carlson apologizes for his Nuzzlegate treatment of Biden
  • Biden’s apology video, his behavior used to be okay?
  • Climate change funny coincidences
  • Objective test to determine if climate change is real
    • Regardless of topic, GOP and DEMS will disagree
    • Secure anonymous scientist poll, would it still be 97% agree?
  • Climate change is no longer a science question
    • It’s now a persuasion challenge, one direction or the other
  • Gen IV’s potential, persuasion notes…
    • Gen IV nuclear power systems, NO meltdown risk
    • Eats nuclear waste for fuel
    • Bill Gates says Gen IV is ONLY solution
  • IF President Trump says “Gen IV nuclear power” he’ll win election
  • Articles labeled “far left” or “far right” on AllSides.com
    • Why would I read anything labeled as propaganda?
  • People belief they aren’t fooled by fake news, but others are
  • CNN reports Trump said father born in Germany
    • Simple explanation…he meant his Grandfather
    • How is this a national news story on CNN?
  • When Tokens tripled in value this week (crypto-currency)
    • As tokens are purchased, demand is created
    • As tokens are used, demand is created

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