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Episode 482 Scott Adams: TDS, Chelsea Handler, New Trump 2020 Ad, AOC’s Accent, Immigration

Episode 482 Scott Adams: TDS, Chelsea Handler, New Trump 2020 Ad, AOC’s Accent, Immigration


  • President Trump is a strong father figure
    • Supporters find him protective, comforting, caring
    • Haters FEAR the qualities of a strong father figure
  • Chelsea Handler takes some personal responsibility  for her TDS
    • Tells Bill Maher she sought Psychiatric help for her TDS
  • Whiteboard: TDS Awareness Scale
  • Some things are ONLY a story because of partisan pundit framing
    • NOT a coincidence how various media frames things
  • Professional persuaders guide media framing of the news
    • Media framing becomes their target audiences opinion 
    • You’ve likely been given your opinions by media you follow
  • 2020…strong economy = reelection of sitting President, historically
  • Tucker asks the question…
    • How many is the right number of immigrants to allow in?
  • Immigration: What are you trying to accomplish?
    • How many immigrants would benefit the country?
    • How many immigrants is too many?
    • NOBODY can answer the most important question?
  • Climate science says the RATE of temperature increase is unprecedented
    • Why does their primary graph dispute their primary claim?
    • “Probably”,  “mostly”, in the explanation of science papers
  • Scientists were wrong about what drove temperatures in the past
    • They looked for and found variables that validate PAST temps
    • How confident can we be that NOW we understand everything?
  • 97% agree…is more than a methodology issue
  • Solar and Gen IV solutions are both worth developing and comparing

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