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Episode 486 Scott Adams: HOAXES, Buttigieg, Healthcare, Israel, Candace Owens, More

Episode 486 Scott Adams: HOAXES, Buttigieg, Healthcare, Israel, Candace Owens, More


  • Ted Lieu’s despicable, out of context clip sliming Candace Owens
  • Pete Buttigieg, the new media endorsed Democrat candidate 
  • Zapping nuclear waste with a laser to neutralize it’s danger
  • Bill Gates promoting Gen IV SAFE nuclear power options
    • NO danger of meltdown
    • CAN safely burn existing nuclear waste for its fuel
  • Healthcare and President Trump…waiting for the 2020 elections
    • Persuasion: A+
    • Grade: F (he has no plan so far) 
  • Healthcare plan suggestion…
    • Competition is what’s badly needed
    • Allow people to buy into Medicare at reduced rates?
    • Existing plans would need to compete with Medicare plan 
  • Medical technology startups for consumer cost reductions
    • Technology reduces costs, improves results
  • 12% of people say CNN isn’t politically biased…wow
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu wins election
  • DEBUNKING Update: Showing people the “Fine People” HOAX
    • The afflicted push back when shown it was clearly a HOAX
    • The “Hoax Funnel” I use for debunking the HOAX
  • President Trump’s recent firing of cabinet people
    • CONCEPT: The bad day strategy of aggregation
  • Obama is a REALLY BORING public speaker
    • Nobody realized that, till we saw President Trump speak

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