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Episode 490 Scott Adams: Sanctuary City Persuasion, Climate Change Solutions

Episode 490 Scott Adams: Sanctuary City Persuasion, Climate Change Solutions


  • White House considers shipping illegals to sanctuary cities
    • Phase 2: Why won’t sanctuary cities accept them?
    • Phase 3 Kill Shot: “How many illegal immigrants will you take”
  • Our government is so broken it can’t act on things both sides agree on
  • Nobody “shakes the box” better than President Trump
    • Side Note: AOC also “shakes the box” effectively
  • Small floating cities are essentially aircraft carriers
    • Aircraft carriers are nuclear powered, Gen IV applicable
  • Green Peace supports Gen IV SAFE nuclear power
  • Why aren’t FOX or CNN discussing, covering SAFE Gen IV nuclear?
    • BOTH sides of congress support SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
  • Dems want to say GOP isn’t doing anything about climate change
    • SAFE Gen IV solves climate change, it’s being developed
  • 5G isn’t just faster internet
    • 5G is civilization changing
    • Education, VR, healthcare, everything major will be transformed
  • Lets get to free education the smart way…through technology
    • Schools today: bullying, drugs, sex
    • With technology, we CAN do better for our children

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