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Episode 493 Scott Adams: Cher’s TDS Cure, Bad Studies, Omar’s Death Threats, Pelosi

Episode 493 Scott Adams: Cher’s TDS Cure, Bad Studies, Omar’s Death Threats, Pelosi


  • The press has nothing that it wants to report right now
    • Things are going President Trump’s way right now
  • The press doesn’t seem to support the left’s healthcare plans
    • Is it because they can’t tell a lie THAT big? 
  •  The press can no longer say border security doesn’t matter
  • CHER tweets about Los Angeles sanctuary city status
  • Mayor Pete definitely has some charisma
    • A gay veteran who is also smart, with clever empty statements
  • Andrew Yang goes full racist and gets away with it
    • Says he’s an Asian that likes math…Is that racist against whites?
  • Myth: Moderate drinking is good for you
    • People who aren’t alcoholics…live longer
    • Doesn’t mean booze is good for you
  • Myth: Women are attracted to guys that are jerks
  • Myth: Men are attracted to women who are the “B” word
  • Is it still embarrassing to support President Trump?
    • People wrong about everything for the last two years
  • If you aren’t embarrassed about being anti-Trump for last 3 years

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