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Episode 499 Scott Adams: The Mueller Report and Mental Illness

Episode 499 Scott Adams: The Mueller Report and Mental Illness


  • Presidential critics trying to spin bad news for them, into good news
    • Coincidences, unimportant things, but nothing illegal
    • Actual witch hunters in Salem believed they had good reasons
  • When is it illegal to listen to information from a person? 
    • “Collusion” charges require an agreement between parties
  • Chris Cuomo’s laundry list of unimportant, normal, legal things
  • Part II of Mueller’s report is pure political vaporware
    • No crimes, just lots of unimportant and legal things 
  • Anti-Trumpers are attempting to lawyer their way out of being wrong
    • Attempting to define or redefine “witch hunt”
    • The difference between “spying” and “surveillance
  • Chris Cuomo discusses things that are legal…but you shouldn’t do
    • That’s a tell for “I have no reasons”
  • CNN pushing narrative that Barr framed report to support President
  • Anderson Cooper says CNN never made claims against President
    • Coincidence that all their panel guests made claims perpetually
  • Investigating someone, down to the molecular level…finding no crimes
    • Is that the same as being cleared of potential crimes?
  • Anderson Cooper has attempted to take down Trump for 2 years
    • Anderson hasn’t been cleared of collusion with Russia
    • Is Anderson therefore guilty of collusion with Russia?

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