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Episode 503 Scott Adams: Iranian Sanctions, Free College, 2020, Climate Credibility

Episode 503 Scott Adams: Iranian Sanctions, Free College, 2020, Climate Credibility


  • Poll of Democrat activists says they support Kamala Harris
    • Poll of the public shows Biden at 30%, Harris 8.5%
    • Who will win the Dem nomination, activists or the public? 
  • Iran deal cancelled a long time ago…no known repercussions
  • John Stossel’s support for SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
    • Whether or not climate change is real, SAFE Gen IV needed
  • “Peak Oil” concept from the 1970s created the green community
    • Peak oil worries went away because of new oil technology
    • Green community pivoted to continue justifying their existence
    • Now…green energy needed because of climate change
  • Audience call, topic: Tell me something you think we disagree on
    • Transgender athletes dominating on women’s teams
  • “Easter Worshippers” reference by Obama, Hillary and others
  • Who should make a life/death decision, mother, doctor, government?
  • Freedom means the right to choose…possibly in ways others wouldn’t
    • Freedom guarantees SOME people will abuse that freedom
  • Doctor’s orders to someone I know personally: Stop watching the news
    • Her life improved, she was happier
  • President Trump’s Tweet about impeachment when the OTHER SIDE committed the crimes and attempted to overthrow the government

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