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Episode 508 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe, Female Running Mates, Soul of the Nation

Episode 508 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe, Female Running Mates, Soul of the Nation


  • The Hoax Funnel – Whiteboard discussion
    • Helping people that are duped by the “fine people” hoax
  • 20 Year Rule: You aren’t the same person you were 20 years ago
    • …so people should get a pass for their actions 20 years ago
    • Encourage people to become better than they are or were
    • Don’t demonize them for who they were 20+ years ago
  • “The nation’s soul” is degrading and in peril?
    • What exactly does that mean? Vague, empty, political BS?
    • Joe Biden is making Bernie look better by comparison
  • Gaffes are Joe Biden’s brand
    • President Trump has tuned us to see low energy, unintelligent
    • When you look for something…you tend to find it
  • CNN article about 70’s TV show, Archie Bunker
    • They associated President Trump with Archie Bunker
    • Weak smear, but that’s all they have left
  • President Trump says the attempted coup was “worse than Watergate”
  • Did Mueller look at President Trump’s tax returns?
  • Swalwell and Booker both declare their VP will be a woman
  • Worldwide poll, people are sadder, angrier than they used to be
    • What’s driving that?
    • Business model of the press + social media
  • WaPo called me “far right”
    • Called Jordan Peterson, Mike Cernovich, Steve Cortes “far right”
  • Ben Shapiro’s belief about Charlottesville is cognitive dissonance

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