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Episode 513 Scott Adams: PART 1, Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs

Episode 513 Scott Adams: PART 1, Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs

Topics PART 1: 

  • Challenging true believers in the “fine people” HOAX
    • Read the transcript of President’s words out loud
    • Triggers cognitive dissonance, they won’t be able to read it
  • Summaries are NEVER as detailed as the underlying data
    • Summaries NEVER capture the nuances of the details
  • Can the President be indicted for doing his job?
  • Physicist Murray Gell-Mann’s observation
    • On topics where he’s an expert…
      • …he noticed the media doesn’t understand the topic
  • Monroe Doctrine and Venezuela
  • Tucker Carlson poses a fascinating question
    • Has intervention by the US ever worked out well?
  • “Government in a Box” concept
    • Target country must request the setup
    • Country creation teams set up a functioning government
    • Safe exit strategy for country leaders for sake of progress
  • Joe Biden asked if he has a campaign slogan
    • Nope, he says he doesn’t have one
    • On the fly he said…”Make America Moral Again”
      • …the acronym is MAMA, nice one Joe!
  • “Sleepy Joe” label controls Biden’s actions
    • To counter, he’s forced to present himself as high energy
    • Mis-speaking is a natural consequence of that forcing
  • The “HOAX Funnel” process
    • Muslim Brotherhood being considered for terrorist designation
    • Pushback is that they aren’t ALL terrorists or sympathizers
    • Shouldn’t those that aren’t…condemn those that are?

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