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Episode 517 Scott Adams: “Bigger Than Watergate”, Economy, AIDS Success

Episode 517 Scott Adams: “Bigger Than Watergate”, Economy, AIDS Success


  • Pattern recognition test…
    • Big ratings crash for MSNBC: Hayes, O’Donnell, Maddow
    • Loss of public trust? Least accurate shows…big losses?
    • FOX shows, Tucker Carlson and The Five ratings are UP
  • President Trump, the best Tweeter of all time
    • Multiple levels of message and tongue in cheek amusing
    • Easy to imagine a twinkle in his eye as he crafts each Tweet
  • President Trump tweets that the spying on him, his campaign…
    • …was worse than Watergate
    • True, and an appropriate slap at Carl Bernstein
  • Major AIDS drug trial had fantastic results
    • Risk to partners of HIV positive people was ZERO
  • Dan Crenshaw on Paris Accord seems 100% accurate
    • His proposed solutions downplay nuclear power, why?
  • Manafort…the “therapy animal” for Democrats?
    • His crimes had nothing to do with Trump or the campaign
  • Social Media platforms banning popular conservatives
    • They don’t know why they were kicked off the platform
    • Farrakhan also kicked off Facebook
  • Immigration reform process proposal
    • GOP and Dems both present their full plans, we’ll compare
    • Dems have no plan? Use No-Plan expectations
    • How many murders and rapes are acceptable under each plan?
  • HOAX Funnel progress: Debunking the “fine people” HOAX
    • Bottom of the funnel produces anger and laundry lists
    • Steve Cortes took a huge risk helping debunk “fine people” HOAX
      • As a CNN contributor, he risked his career and finances
  • White House and media NOW comfortable fighting the HOAX
    • Why is Russia our enemy?
    • What would it take to resolve our issues?
    • What if we both just stop messing with each other?
  • Biden is Trump…without all the good parts

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