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Episode 520 Scott Adams: Iran, China, North Korea, Border, Biden

Episode 520 Scott Adams: Iran, China, North Korea, Border, Biden


  • Where are the immigration reform plans?
    • How will those reforms affect lives of Americans?
    • Crime reduction, less rapes and murders? GDP, wages?
  • Build a wall…isn’t a complete immigration plan
    • Less rapes and murder, less drugs, higher wages…
      • …that’s what people want
      • Where is the comprehensive plan for all that?
      • A wall alone, isn’t a complete solution
  • High level negotiations
    • One walk-away at a minimum
    • For a while, it will always look like no deal is possible
  • Chinese and American negotiators are all top-shelf…and adults
    • It will be a REALLY tough process, but a deal will happen
  • President Trump deserves a lot of credit for how he FRAMES
    • NK situation is an OPPORTUNITY for them
    • Personal, friendly relationship with Chairman Kim
  • People make decisions based on CONTRAST
    • Contrast is a major influence on decision making
  • Bernie is a unique contender, nobody is like Bernie
    • Kamala also has unique contender qualities
  • Biden…has NO unique contender qualities…versus Trump
    • Watching Biden, you reflect on how Trump “does it better”
    • When President Trump calls Biden “dumb”…is he wrong?
  • Rapid iteration with a large amount of variables is VERY difficult
    • AI will resolve that problem, allowing rapid iteration
    • Rapid iteration is what’s required for fusion power progress

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