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Episode 522 Scott Adams: China, Iran, NK, Trump Taxes, Socialism, Coffee, and Guns

Episode 522 Scott Adams: China, Iran, NK, Trump Taxes, Socialism, Coffee, and Guns


  • Gun control proposal: Make it illegal for Democrats to own guns
    • Why would Dems object? Solves half the problem
  • Another Proposal: ALL gun owners REQUIRED to join NRA
    • They promote gun safety, responsible use, important stuff
    • NRA membership is essentially gun control and safety
  • Jerry Nadler and Congressional Oversight
    • Manufacturing crimes and stalking President Trump
    • People are being manipulated into committing crimes…
      • …without even realizing they’re committing a crime
  • NYT legally obtained some…illegally obtained, Presidential tax info
    • If you understand business and taxes, smart, legal tax stuff
    • If you understand finance, nothing unusual in his taxes
  • China is smart, nobody says they aren’t
    • They’re stalling for time, wearing down the other side
    • Our pending election puts TIME on their side, so stalling
  • President Trump tweets China waiting/hoping for Biden
    • There’s NO WAY China agrees to a deal before election
    • Do we need a deal? Tariffs of 100 Billion sounds pretty good
  • Russian armament sales are a major portion of their economy
    • World instability is extremely profitable for Russia
    • World instability also good for American armament industries
  • President Trump was the TOP MALE recipient of FEMALE donations
    • President Trump, TOP MALE candidate…per FEMALE donors
  • Monmouth University poll says only 10% like socialism
    • Okay…but Dems don’t label what they want as “socialism”
  • Social Media banning people
    • Urgent need for some sort of appeals, 2nd chance process
    • James Woods ban is a perfect test case for appeals process
      • He referenced a famous movie line in a tweet
    • What punishment…if any, does that deserve?
    • Who should get to decide?

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