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Episode 527 Scott Adams: Summer Fake News, Wall Construction, Iran

Episode 527 Scott Adams: Summer Fake News, Wall Construction, Iran


  • S.E. Cupp asks why Kamala can’t seem to get traction
    • Have you seen Kamala’s tweets and the way she speaks?
    • She doesn’t seem to know how to “unlawyer”
  • Biden’s approach to climate change is…let’s go slow?
    • How does he sell that to his base with 12 year fears?
  • President Trump tweets for Iran to call him
    • He’ll treat their leaders with respect…while negotiating tough
  • NO Democrats have gone in to read the unredacted Mueller report
    • Multiple Republicans have gone in to read it
    • Not one single Democrat wants to read it, nobody is interested?
    • No curiosity, NOTHING useful for Dems in Mueller’s report? 
  • DJ Akira the Don tweets about power of music to control people
    • The ability of music to manipulate emotions and behavior
  • NPR piece on Gen IV nuclear power
    • Far left NPR raising awareness of SAFE Gen IV nuclear power
  • Have the Democrats made a massive miscalculation on Biden electability?
    • He doesn’t excite…ANYONE
  • Alyssa Milano declares a “sex strike”
    • Finally…someone has brought the country together
    • Historically, it HAS been done before…and successfully
    • Respect to Alyssa for her commitment to activism
  • CO2 high absorption rate of a certain bush…plant more of those bushes?
    • Several CO2 scrubbing solutions look promising
  • Nuclear energy has moved from engineering to persuasion psychology
    • Nuclear is scary? Climate change is also scary
  • Gen III nuclear plants have NEVER melted down…not once
    • Gen IV is even safer and consume nuclear waste
  • How many Gen III or Gen IV nuclear meltdowns would you risk…
    • …to solve climate change?

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