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Episode 532 Scott Adams: Heartbeat Bills, Trump’s Income, China Trade, Immigration

Episode 532 Scott Adams: Heartbeat Bills, Trump’s Income, China Trade, Immigration


  • President Trump’s 2018 income released
    • Fake News CNN…reports it in a misleading way
    • His 2018 income is less, but close to what he made last year
  • Alabama abortion law
    • The View says the law was made entirely by men
    • The law is being delegitimized by The View
    • Credible matters, the law needs to seen as credible
  • Joel Pollack’s Breitbart article on China trade negotiations
    • President Trump is educating the country on trade issues
    • 100% of Democrats thought a trade war would crumble US
    • 50% of the Republicans thought a trade war would crumble US
    • Now we know we can go forever with tariffs if necessary
  • President Trump wasn’t just right…he was OMG right about China trade
    • Chuck Schumer is on President Trump’s side on this
  • Immigration reform with a merit based system…LIKE CANADA
    • Canada…our proposed reforms will be similar to CANADA’S
  • What percentage of border experts support walls where appropriate?
  • Words used, the feelings they evoke, and their influence
  • “Deep Staters” turning on each other, accusations back and forth
  • SAT “Adversity Score”: How abused you were in life
    • Same concept of judging people…as merit based immigration
  • Chinese social desirability scores are coming to the US
    • Current world: We can cheat the world a little bit
    • Future world: Social desirability score dictates, limits options
  • What people click on…is what business models are driven to post
    • Our news options are limited to whatever gets clicks
    • Your opinions are determined by what gets the most clicks
  • Cognitive blindness and climate change
    • Nuclear energy development is the answer to climate change
    • There’s NEVER been a Gen III nuclear event, Gen IV even safer

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