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Episode 537 Scott Adams: Iran, Socialism, Bad Candidates, North Korea, Viewer Questions

Episode 537 Scott Adams: Iran, Socialism, Bad Candidates, North Korea, Viewer Questions


  • North Korea calls Joe Biden a “fool of low IQ”
  • Israel is naming things after our American President
  • ALL countries have an interest in our elections and the outcomes
  • Chinese Ambassador, trying to explain away Huawei issues
  • Chinese “job training centers” OR concentration camps OR fake news
  • Iran sanctions have been increased to penalize countries aiding them
    • Unprecedented clarity, determination from President Trump
  • Border situation deteriorating…and almost no news reports on it?
    • Is that because it’s now agreed by both sides…it’s a crisis?
  • Beto pushing hard for impeachment
  • Kamala as a candidate…where is her appeal?
    • Awkward appearances, boring, nothing interesting to say
  • Joe Biden is an early beta version…of President Trump
    • Take away all of President Trump’s strengths…Joe Biden
    • Where’s media attention for leading Democrat candidate?
  • Gorsuch and Kavanaugh…NOT ruling politically as feared
  • “40% of Americans favor socialism”…is phony
    • It’s a dispute over the definition of words, nothing more
    • Venezuela’s issues, root cause of their problems
    • A dictator and massive corruption destroyed Venezuela
  • Questions from the viewers
    • Healthcare costs
    • Rural area issues and possible solutions

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