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Episode 542 Scott Adams: Find Out Why Trump Has NO Chance of Reelection (Unless Something Changes)

Episode 542 Scott Adams: Find Out Why Trump Has NO Chance of Reelection (Unless Something Changes)


  • Anti-Trumpers convincing themselves he WANTS to be impeached
    • Not likely he wants impeachment on his Presidential record
  • CNN home page, news…or mind reading?
    • Using the wrong words to describe things…to CREATE news
  • President Trump’s “Bidan” tweet about Joe being called “low IQ”
    • Chairman Kim, a friend, mocking President Trump’s rival
  • Breitbart article, my Episode 540 video about Trump’s 2020 chances
    • The caveat is…IF nothing changes, President Trump can’t win
    • Social media has a stranglehold and time to perfect persuasion
  • BBC video immersing viewer in WWI trench warfare
    • “They Shall Not Grow Old”
    • Voiceovers of the actual words from WWI military volunteers
  • Pre-Suasion, by Cialdini tells us what will happen in the 2020 election
    • Social media controls the order in which you see things
    • The persuasion influence is subtle and VERY powerful
  • Pelosi slurring videos, we don’t know all the facts
    • Some videos NOT doctored, some WERE doctored
    • NO video, from ANY source…can be trusted, in today’s world
  • Nancy Pelosi is “not the same”, per President Trump
    • Persuasive, gives people a concept…lets them fill in the blanks
  • Deep Fakes now so good, they did it with a painting
    • A single screenshot of a person can be used for Deep Fakes
  • Facebook labeled the doctored, Pelosi slurring video as fake…left it up
    • Anderson Cooper wants it taken down, cause it’s persuasive
  • Facebook has created a standard
    • 1. De-Emphasize content they decide is doctored
    • 2. Label the content as doctored
    • If key context is left out of a video, isn’t that “doctored”?
  • Proposal: A “national pardon” for all platforms, for all banned
    • Ban someone forever…for something they did in their 20s?
    • Second chances are important, people need a chance to improve
    • Judge people by their responses to their mistakes
    • Mistakes are NOT intentional
      • How a person RESPONDS to their mistakes…IS intentional
      • Their response is what reveals the person
  • Buzzfeed out of context hit piece on Tony Robbins
    • Buzzfeed should be shut down for that article alone
  • FALSE: Pictures don’t lie, video doesn’t lie
    • TRUTH: All pictures lie, all video lies
    • TRUTH: Things taken out of context…are lies

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