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Episode 552 Scott Adams: The Trump Impeachment HOAX, Bitcoin

Episode 552 Scott Adams: The Trump Impeachment HOAX, Bitcoin

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  • The HOAX portion of impeachment talk
  • Viewers noting they somehow unknowingly, unfollowed me
  • Guideline for blocking trolls
  • President Trump mentions the border cartels
  • Mexico does NOT control their borders…Criminal cartels do
    • President Trump is half-way to that truth
  • Will US military invade Mexico to take out the cartels? Why not?
  • Are YouTube view counts intentionally manipulated for some reason?
    • If so, what’s the impact and advantage of the manipulation?
  • Bitcoin goes UP when the stock market appears to be in trouble
    • Is it a self-reenforcing phenomena?
  •  Andrew Yang tweets that up to 1/2 political preferences are GENETIC
  • Facts do NOT change opinions, we do NOT live in a rational world
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