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Episode 578 Scott Adams: All the News, With Coffee

Episode 578 Scott Adams: All the News, With Coffee


  • Congress is incompetent and despicable…dead father and child
  • Reviewing Jared Kushner’s TOP SHELF persuasion techniques 
  • Democrat debates tonight, I’ll be live tweeting it
  • Project Veritas video, Google person says VERY disturbing things
    • Is it time to regulate social media platforms?
  • My friend with a TERRIBLE case of TDS…he BELIEVES new accuser
    • He feels her accusation is credible…and he saw CNN interview
  • Balaji S. Srinivasan’s insight about the future of multiple identities
  • Brian Stelter confused why he can’t find credible pushback sources
  • Andrew Yang’s $1,000 per month offer…smart, efficient politicking
  • Erik Finman’s prediction that Bitcoin will jump up…and then it did
    • Erik calls out high potential of the WHEN

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