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Episode 595 Scott Adams: The Census, Tech Summit, @Pulte #TwitterPhilanthropy, Climate Change

Episode 595 Scott Adams: The Census, Tech Summit, @Pulte #TwitterPhilanthropy, Climate Change


  • Charitable Direct-Giving model for helping those in need
  • Tech Summit happened…and Twitter had major outage?
    • President Trump’s genuine affection for the group
    • Rose Garden dustup, Brian Karem and Seb Gorka
  • Gathering government database info to determine citizenship
    • Possible 90% accuracy using existing data
  • Reporters BLINDSPOT: NO business background, experience
    • Lack of experience limits your ability to comprehend
  • My non-scientific Twitter poll on biggest threat to low income people
    • What are the intentions and impressions of both sides?
  • Resources are limited, the US does NOT have unlimited resources
    • With limited resources, we need to choose priorities
  • Epstein’s sweet previous deal, and where his money came from
    • We don’t know the full details or full context
  • AOC accuses Pelosi of “racism”…is this a jump the shark moment?
    • Does this reveal Democrats as FRAUDS?
  • BRILLIANT Twitter persuasion after the outage yesterday…
    • Twitter came back online and tweeted…”miss us?”
  • Tom Steyer’s extraordinary lack of charisma
  • CNN Erin Burnett’s facial expressions give impression of distress
  • Tucker Carlson’s comment, “Four morons of the apocalypse”
  • Climate change study concludes man-made change is insignificant
    • Major influencer is NOT humans? Cosmic rays affect clouds?
  • Coast Guard guy pounding on intercepted cocaine filled submarine
    • Wow-levels of bravery and competence
  • Future interview teaser…reasonable sounding cancer CURE system?

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