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Episode 625 Scott Adams: Jeffrey Epstein, Donny Deutsch, NRA

Episode 625 Scott Adams: Jeffrey Epstein, Donny Deutsch, NRA


  • Donnie Deutsch continues to fan red-hot glowing embers…but why?
  • Why wasn’t Epstein on suicide watch?
    • Willful dereliction of duty or Institutional incompetence?
  • State Department policy update…
    • Comparing Israel policy to Nazi policy is anti-semitic
    • Is Donny Deutsch in violation of this policy?
  • Can the NRA self-police ALL gun owners to reduce gun violence?
    • NO NRA member has ever been a mass shooter
    • Could they be incorporated to help ID and reduce danger? 
  • Yang cries on stage, lots of empathy…but a leader who cries in public?
  • “Slow-Joe” as a nickname for Joe Biden
  • Massive consumption of mass shootings in movies, TV, video games…
    • …What influence do they have, for anyone “near the edge”?

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