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Episode 683 Scott Adams: AOC Eating Babies, Impeachment Theatre

Episode 683 Scott Adams: AOC Eating Babies, Impeachment Theatre

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  • AOC and the crowd…couldn’t tell if the “eat babies” lady was real
    • 30% of people, have no sense of humor, can’t recognize it
    • The greatest pranks, are invisible to the pranks target
  • The “Parity Inversion Point”
  • 50 year LOW unemployment rate announced
  • Punchy De Niro is being sued for sexual harassment, discrimination
  • President Trump’s communication style is now weapons grade
    • Impeachment won’t hurt him…the Dems however
  • IDF’s “Mean Girls” meme, mocks Khamenei, Suleimani, Nasrallah
  • Samsung is PULLING OUT of China (decoupling)
  • Kamala’s Jake Tapper interview about kicking POTUS off Twitter
    • “Uptalk” Harris was painful to watch
  • Kamala asks audience if the world is ready for her to be President

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