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Episode 86: Portal to Hell in my Twitter Feed and Roseanne

Episode 86: Portal to Hell in my Twitter Feed and Roseanne


  • Quick, sincere apologies aren’t good enough?
  • Stop asking for apologies, if you won’t accept them
  • The portal demons…demon after demon
  • Credit for economy, Trump, Obama or George Washington?
  • People mocking lack of North Korea progress
  • Trump increased our debt, but who benefited?
  • Should a “fair” tax system be based on dollar amount or percentage?
  • Kim Kardashian’s White House visit
  • Obama’s unexplained change in policy for dispensaries
  • Did Jeff Sessions change guidelines for minor drug offenses?
  • Prison reform
  • Crowdsourcing trust fund for the wall
  • Crowdsourcing trust fund for Planned Parenthood


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