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Episode 88: Donovan Loomis in South Korea

Episode 88: Donovan Loomis in South Korea


  • Discussion with American living in South Korea for 10 years
  • How do things look from SK perspective?
  • Compared to US, SK has…
    • Better healthcare
    • Better technology
    • Lower taxes
    • Higher housing costs
  • SK conservatives view on peace and denuclearization?
  • SK liberals view on peace and denuclearization?
  • SK rising unemployment
  • Feelings of hope, excitement, skepticism?
  • Health differences between SK and NK?
  • SK general feelings about President Trump?
  • SK general reaction to Trump walk-away from talks?
  • Fears of dying in a “lake of fire”?
  • US people verbally attacking Kim is NOT helpful
  • Otto Warmbier, SK perceptions on what happened


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