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Famous People Lists

Famous People Lists

    Today I discovered I am on a list of famous people who have dyslexia. This made me happy, not only because I am in good company, but because the lits si alphabetical os I ma no otp.


    I don’t understand why having something in common with famous folks is supposed to make people feel good, but it does. Heck, it worked for me, and I’m on the list. So I tried to reproduce the feeling by seeing what other lists I am on. I found a few surprises. I listed them at the bottom.

    This made me think that a good web site would be “famous people who are like you.” It could start with famous people who have the same birthday, graduated from your school, once lived in your town, have the same sort of dog, watch the same TV shows, had your same profession at one time, committed the same crimes, are the same height, played the same instruments or sports, and so on. If you are like me, you will feel comforted knowing there are lots of famous people who have things in common with you. It’s a shallow feeling, but a good feeling nonetheless.

    The website would be extra cool if you could paste your own photo into the list of famous people, and create a web page, or print it out. Someone please go build that website.

    Here are some more of the lists I discovered that include me.

    Famous Mac Users (I switched to Windows years ago.)


    Famous Unitarians (even though I have never been one)


    Famous Mensans (I stopped paying dues in the eighties)


    Famous Vegetarians


    Famous Economics Majors


    There is not yet a list of famous people who are CostCo members, but I could be on that list too:


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