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FIFA World Cup Brasil Schedules (soccer/football/futbal)

FIFA World Cup Brasil Schedules (soccer/football/futbal)
    Fifa World Cup ™ starts in June. If you’d like to add your favorite team’s schedule to your personal calendar with a few clicks, CalendarTree.com has the links. (I’m a co-founder.) It’s free, and you don’t need to sign up for anything. Here’s how it can help you…

    Get Invited to a Friend’s World Cup (soccer/football/futbal) Party

    It’s not too early to start hinting to your friends that have big screen TVs that they need to start planning some viewing parties. The trick is to start the hinting process early while being subtle about it. Just forward the CalendarTree link to all of your friends with big television sets and add a helpful reminder that the event is this summer.

    In about a month you’ll want to follow up with a text to each of your big-TV friends saying, “Did you get the World Cup schedule I sent?” If that doesn’t shake loose an invitation you need to take it to the next level and start wondering aloud how you will enjoy watching the matches on your relatively tiny television while eating sub-par snacks.
    If your plan works, one of your friends will float the idea of “maybe” inviting some people over to watch a few games. That’s when you pounce. Start praising the visionary brilliance of the idea as if you had just witnessed a breakthrough in anti-gravity technology. Act excited and astonished at the same time; really sell it.
    You can nudge your friend from a “maybe” to a concrete party plan by volunteering to bring something. Obviously you want to pick an easy category such as soda or chips. And you want to volunteer early, before all the simple choices are gone and you end up making ratatouille.
    If none of your scheming produces an invitation to a friend’s house to watch the World Cup, you have to consider the hypothesis that there’s something seriously wrong with you. And if you have read this far in my blog, I can confirm that hypothesis. I’m sorry you had to find out this way.
    I hope the World Cup game schedules are useful to you :-).  Go USA!

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