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Food Psychology Experiment

Food Psychology Experiment

    Now for something different.

    If you are familiar with my book on systems versus goals, you know I talk about creating your own diet system to replace willpower with knowledge. For example, you’ll need less willpower if you learn how to make healthy food taste great. To that end, I created a three-minute food psychology video to share some tricks I discovered. 

    I’m not suggesting you will enjoy the specific foods in the video. This is more about finding ways to make boring (but healthy) food taste great with the least amount of effort. 

    A big part of what I’m doing is changing how you experience the food, as opposed to its actual taste. In other words, I am using a knife to change the psychology of the experience. And all of these examples work best with fresh ingredients prepared in front of the person with whom you will share it. There is something about watching food prepped in front of you that makes it tastier. 

    For the food nerds among you, I’m using a Shun knife. And I have years of professional kitchen experience from my youth. Don’t ever use a high-end knife of that type to cut an avocado the way I do in the video. You might lose a finger.

    Also, I use more salt than your doctor might recommend for you. Don’t take health advice from cartoonists.

    For more on systems versus goals, see my book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

    Tip to men: Women will fall in love with you when you do the avocado trick in front of them. Try that one at home. It’s crazy. 

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