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    France, I hope you know we have your backs. Always will.

    It’s time to put a wall around the Caliphate and remove all the heathen-built technology inside, including all forms of digital communication. We can add back food, medical supplies, and primitive farm tools. Let’s do some A-B testing and let God decide which system works best.

    Sometimes the best way to change a person’s mind is by agreeing with them. That’s a trick I learned in hypnosis class. The method works so well (on the right personality types) that it looks like magic. 

    So let’s actively and obviously help the bad guys achieve their Caliphate. That will rewire their brains overnight.

    If you want to kill people, you need a military leader. But if you’re trying to win a global mind game, call Tony Robbins, or someone with similar skills. We need to go at the idea directly.

    We have a collective illusion – because we hear it so often in the media – that you can’t kill an idea. But the truth is that you absolutely can kill an idea. You just need the right kind of killers. So far we haven’t tried. 

    Update: Let me better explain what I mean by “agreeing with them.” I explained that poorly to the point of misleading.

    I don’t mean literally agreeing. In this context, we would be agreeing with a modified version of their truth, in order to change it. That’s the technique.

    So we would not be agreeing with the world conquest part of the ideology. We would be silent on that. We would be agreeing that their view of how to run the world (Sharia law and the rest) is worth testing, to show the world that God is on their side. So we give them space to run their test, whether they want that or not. 

    The “truth” we would be agreeing with is that their version of how to live is worthy of some space to test it. But to keep the test pure, we would want to remove all the heathen influences, such as technology.

    It doesn’t matter if they like any of that. We’d be agreeing with them as hard as we can, even while they argue that our agreement is not agreement at all, which will confuse their clean recruiting message and make them nuts.

    ISIS needs enemies in order to grow. If we stop acting like enemies (bombing) and start acting like allies (airdropping food, supplies, farming tools, even Korans) it makes things confusing over there. We want ISIS to be telling villagers that we are the enemy at the same time we are giving them free supplies and ISIS is beheading them.

    We could also create multiple escape paths for the innocents, but only for the women, girls, and boys under 6 (for example). ISIS can’t block every escape path. Over time, we drain out the women and put them in a defended area in the region. Eventually the younger men will turn on the older men over the issue of access to women. 

    Once the “califake” is formed, and all travel and communication is shut off, we can take our time. I think science has reached the point where we can drug the water supply with chemicals to reprogram the population to whatever personality types we prefer. Do we want them docile? Can do!

    I also think we should be testing some brainwashing techniques to see what it would take to reprogram young jihadists away from that way of life. We have plenty of captured folks to practice on, or we could capture enough of them if we aimed to do so. All we need to do is hook them up to brain scanners and A-B test a bunch of images and arguments until we find out what works best. Then we package it as the best propaganda of all time.

    My (highly informed) opinion is that we could engineer a linguistic kill shot to discredit the violent jihadists and end their recruitment. Are we already doing it?

    I saw today that France has decided to stop using the terms ISIS and ISIL because those acronyms confer too much respect on them as a “state.” Instead the French now prefer the more insulting term DAESH that has an insult built into it. 

    But that’s a rookie move, and far from a linguistic kill shot. There is no stickiness to it. It has no Trumplike magic.

    We can fix that. 

    I would make some linguistic kill shot suggestions here but I don’t think I can engineer one that survives translation. And I don’t understand the culture enough to be confident in how to manipulate it. But people with my skill set and better vision on the language and culture certainly could.

    If anyone in the CIA is reading this, and you don’t think this idea is feasible, you really need to talk to me. Or look who is leading the Republican nomination race and ask yourself why.

    Influence is a real skill set. 

    Update 2: See this story about how the science of influence was used to reduce smoking rates in teens. What could be harder than that? And it worked.

    Update 3: The uber-hacker group Anonymous just declared war on DAESH. If world governments won’t put DAESH in “digital jail,” perhaps the vigilantes will. Is this the first time a civilian organization ever declared war and had the means to pursue it?

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