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    Some people seem to be born givers. They get their pleasure by absorbing happiness from the people they please. Let’s call it reflected happiness as opposed to direct.

    Humans are all a bit different at birth, and presumably we are wired to get different levels of pleasure from this sort of reflected happiness. Sociopaths and other selfish people literally feel no pleasure from helping others. Natural givers, on the other hand, are willing to make great sacrifices for others because it feels so good to do so.

    I’m not being judgmental. I’m just noting that people are wired for different rewards. And much of that is probably genetic.

    So today, in this season of giving, I wonder if there are other traits that givers share. Specifically, I wonder if the bodies and minds of givers are extra-sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of others.

    I think most of you know whether you are givers or takers. If you’re a giver, do you also have some of the following characteristics?

    1. Are you shy?
    2. Do you dislike receiving gifts?
    3. Are you easily influenced by the taste preferences of others? (music, style, etc.)
    4. Do you avoid sad movies and books?
    5. Do you hate using a restroom if others are near?
    6. Do you enjoy spending time alone because people exhaust you? (Introversion)
    7. Do you often enjoy pets more than most people?
    8. Do you choose careers that make people happy?

    If you are a giver, how many of the things on the list apply to you?


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