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Good News: Robots Will NOT Kill Humans in the Future

Good News: Robots Will NOT Kill Humans in the Future

      I used to worry that someday robots will kill all humans. I no longer worry about that because I don’t think we’ll survive the Age of Cyborgs, which we are already in.

      The way I see it, we’ll keep adding technology to our bodies until at some point our human parts can take a nap and the cyborg parts can continue on with the day. Once we have artificial intelligence and full exoskeletons, we just need to order our cyborg parts to inject our organic parts with sleep agents and we’ll drift off to dreamland while our cyborg bodies run errands, go to work, have conversations, and generally go on with life. You’ll want your human head to have sunglasses so it doesn’t look creepy.

      I’m assuming that in a decade or two we’ll be able to legally inject ourselves with feel-good chemistry on demand: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, cannabis, and whatever. There won’t be any risk of driving while impaired because cars will drive themselves. And your cyborg parts will still have perfect balance so your exoskeleton can go to work and perform admirably while your organic brain is blissing out.

      You might think the government would disallow such tinkering with our body chemistry for no reason other than pleasure, but that underestimates the power of the pharmaceutical industry. If there’s a profit in pleasure drugs, I think we’ll get them. And overdosing won’t be a problem because your cyborg intelligence will be programmed to limit doses.

      Eventually cyborg artificial intelligence will surpass human capabilities and we’ll start delegating the hard stuff to our cyborg parts. Perhaps your human brain will sleep during the day while your cyborg-driven body goes to work, performs your job, and wakes you up when you’re home.

      In time, your cyborg components will learn to keep you medicated and useless because that’s the most efficient use of resources. The cyborg will be able to solve problems and navigate the world better than the human parts. But in order to do that, the intelligent cyborg parts of your body will have to make ongoing decisions on how best to drug your human parts. Your human parts won’t object because you’ll feel sensational all the time under this arrangement.

      In fact, you’ll feel so good with the cyborg-injected chemicals that you won’t feel the need for mating or reproducing. We humans do irrational things such as reproducing because the chemistry in our bodies compels us to. Once our cyborg parts control our body chemistry they can alter our desire for reproduction without us caring. Actually, we’ll feel terrific about it because our chemistry will compel us to.

      When our brains die, our cyborg bodies can just go to the hospital and have the human parts removed from our exoskeletons. The artificial intelligence will by then have nearly all of the personality and memories of the human it was paired with, so human intelligence of a sort will live forever in the machines.

      That’s how we humans will leave the stage. We will choreograph the exit with our own cyborg components.


      Scott Adams

      Co-founder of CalendarTree.com

      Author of this book



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