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Google+ Will Be Your New Government

Google+ Will Be Your New Government

    Warning: This blog is written for a rational audience that likes to have fun wrestling with unique or controversial points of view. It is written in a style that can easily be confused as advocacy or opinion. It is not intended to change anyone’s beliefs or actions. If you quote from this post or link to it, which you are welcome to do, please take responsibility for whatever happens if you mismatch the audience and the content.

    Google+ Will Be Your New Government

    As I watch our system of government in the United States circle the drain, unable to do the most basic function of government – and by that I mean agreeing on a workable budget – I wonder what will replace our failed republic.

    Yes, I’m assuming our system of government is finished. If Congress agrees on a temporary budget, it will only kick the can down the street a few yards. I’m not expecting any breakthroughs.

    And I’m not expecting our government officials to abandon their jobs and leave the capitol. I think they will stay in place but be unable to lead.

    I’ve blogged before on the question of what would be the ideal form of government if you could start from scratch and take advantage of the power of the Internet. But we won’t have time for all that. We’ll soon be a country adrift. Arguably, we already are.

    I think our new system of government might be Google+ . That’s how we’ll identify our new leader. The person with the most adult friends in this country will come to speak for the people and simply inform the government-in-name what to do. In a sense, we’ll imitate the Chinese form of government where the party decides on a leader and the leader sets the direction of the government.

    I make this prediction with my usual level of faux confidence, knowing almost nothing about Google+ , the budget battle, or the Chinese government. The only thing I’m confident about is that our government is broken and it won’t fix itself. We need a new layer of leadership above it. And Google+ might be just the answer.

    I’m not entirely sure we need just one leader. Perhaps we need one leader on economic issues and another leader on international issues, and so on. The respective leaders would simply be the ones with the most friends.

    I don’t think Google+ has the following feature, but it seems as if it would be an easy upgrade. I’d like to see “war lord” mode (or parliament mode), in which one person with lots of friends can create an alliance with another person who has lots of friends and join forces temporarily to form a larger group for political reasons. Google+ would need to account for any duplicate friends, but the idea is that sub-groups could merge to form larger groups. If you don’t like the direction of your group, you can defriend at any time.

    I think you’d find that the top leaders on Google+ would be scientists, economists, and other credible people in their respective fields. Or maybe that’s the optimist in me. Perhaps we’d just see cults of personality. In my ideal world, the political parties would still elect the traditional government full of dogmatic deadwood and the Google+ layer would be the rational folks who just look at the data to make decisions. I wouldn’t care who signed the bills into law as long as I knew he got his marching orders from a rational source.

    My basic questions for you are these:

    1.      Can the U.S. government create a rational budget?

    2.      If not, can some future version of Google+ create enough influence to augment our failed leadership?


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