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GOP Debate Scorecard – March 10 (Master Persuader Series)

GOP Debate Scorecard – March 10 (Master Persuader Series)

    The GOP candidates for president had a boring debate last night. My one-word summary is “capitulation.” Based on the energy on stage, it seems they stopped fighting. That means Trump can stroll to the nomination, assuming Florida goes as expected.

    Trump’s only objective at the debate was to avoid looking out of control. He said in advance that he could do so easily unless the other candidates attacked him. And then his opponents did not attack him. That’s acceptance of the final result. Capitulation.

    The other possibility is that Florida and Ohio are already rigged. That would be the other reason for not fighting. We’ll find out next week. 

    The thing to watch in coming months is the degree to which Muslim immigration becomes connected to rape in the minds of the public, based on reports from Europe and from ISIS territories. Trump is taking the anti-rape position at the expense of religious tolerance. That is a landslide-winning position against an opponent he has already labelled an “enabler.”

    The hopes of the anti-Trumpers rest on the fact that nearly two-thirds of the public have a negative impression of Trump. In normal times, that would be predictive of the final result. But by November, Trump will turn this election into a referendum on protecting the health and safety of women. And he will be running against the only living human with lower approval than him (by then).

    That’s a landslide position.

    But what about the policy details and the fact that Trump can’t name the leaders of important countries? What about his budget numbers that seem almost random? What about his businesses that failed or look sketchy to you?

    We stopped caring about that stuff long ago. Voters understand that all of the candidates are lying all the time. Trump just does it better, and with a wink. Maybe he should edit his slogan so it goes like this:

    Make America Great Again (details, shmetails)

    We have been conditioned to believe a candidate needs to have command of the details of the job before taking it. But anyone with real world experience knows that complexity demands that each topic be visited with fresh eyes and qualified advisors on every round of thinking. It makes more sense to figure out things as you go. That’s what common sense looks like to Trump, and it looks that way to the public as well.

    Last year I teased you in this blog by saying Trump would change more than politics and more than the Republican party. Trump will change how you view human beings in general. His complete disregard for facts is irrelevant to the outcome of the race because he knows humans don’t use facts to make decisions. They use emotion. 

    Only one candidate in the race understands how reality works, and he’s teaching us as he goes. All I’m doing is documenting it. Check out my book for more detailed discussions of what I call our Moist Robot nature.

    My favorite part of the post-debate coverage on the news was when Megyn Kelly said Trump looked “presidential.” She went on to say he seemed like the type of guy you might want to go to dinner with. Now compare that to her recent rebuff of Michael Moore when he awkwardly invited her to have coffee on live TV. In the 3D world of persuasion, Kelly is responding to Trump’s power and dominance exactly as one would expect. Trump will win with women, even against Hillary Clinton.

    Disclaimer: I already disavowed Trump’s policies. I don’t agree with any of the candidates on the big stuff. My interest in Trump is his persuasion skills. I also want my fellow citizens to fully understand their options. 

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